Bensonhurst Bean: Teens Aim Higher At Wall Ball Tourney In Dyker Beach Park

For six years, the United States Wall Ball Association (USWA) has provided more than 2,000 young athletes from around New York City with an opportunity to realize their full potential with only a ball, a wall, and a dream.

Players of the Week: Prep For Success Champs

Special THANK YOU to our staff: Jasmine Ray Laurence DuBois Maybelline Torres Pilar Galarza Christina Torres Shentah Pizarro Special THANKS to our officials: Fred [...]

Player of the Week Eric Reyes

At the age of 18 Eric is quickly creating his mark in the wall ball community as an amateur player.

Player of the Week Armando Ortiz Jr.

Armando is a tremendously talented pro athlete in the sport of 4-wall ball (handball) that has yet to demonstrate his full potential. Ortiz has been playing wall ball since the age of six. Adopting the [...]

Player of the Week Mikey Mendoza

Playing the sport since he was 16 years old, at 23 he’s accomplished what many Handball players want to accomplish: Becoming an Open Pro player. He grew up playing in Rosedale Park, but like many before him, Castle Hill is where he made a name for himself.

NY1: Stapleton Native Turns Tragedy Into Non-Profit Helping Thousands of City Kids

From New York 1: Already a handball player since he was little, Christian Guzman met Jasmine Ray at a tournament three years ago. That is when he got involved with the United States Wall Ball [...]


USA TODAY: Sportsmanship matters

If you are the type of player that enjoys taunting or mouthing off, you will most likely not be the type of player that a college coach would want on his or her team.

Queens Chronicle: Bumping volleyball, handball for pre-K?

From Queens Chronicle: The Department of Education is toying with the idea of building a pre-K facility on top of Newtown High School’s volleyball and handball courts at 91-48 57 Ave. in Elmhurst, a proposition [...]

NBC News: Lower-Income Students Getting Shut Out of Sports

A significant share of lower-income children and adolescents find themselves shut out of team sports.

Player of the Week – Alex Steam

Alex is quickly becoming the topic of discussion this year as he’s making his rounds through the Amateur (B) Division.

POTW: Jomar Santana

In our opinion, Jomar is definitely going to be the competition to beat this year as he plans to take more trips to New York to compete in tournaments.

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